Face Lace are stick on, ready to wear eye designs that can take your desired look to a whole new Masquerade ball level!

These unique designs were first seen on models in London fashion shows and now you can choose from many bold and intricate designs ranging from small eye-laces to full face masks.

The advantage with these stick-ons is that you don’t have to spend hours painting your face with eyeliner anymore when you can get the same (or better) result in under minutes. Those with sensitive skin can also join the Face Lace party since the adhesive backing is hypoallergenic.

For a special effect we recommend combining some makeup with these stick on masterpieces and you'll be remembered for a long time by your uniqueness and that look that is very hard to duplicate with just costume makeup. 

If you are a dance group wanting something for every performer, please contact us via email for up to 20% discount depending on volume and availability.



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