Face Lace FAQs

Can I reuse my Face Lace?

You can reuse your Face Lace if it was applied over clean skin, (without makeup-or with minimal make-up) and you have put it back on the backing sheet after wearing. With some extra care, you should be able to wear it more than once.

Can I use Face Lace over my make-up?

Yes, although Face Lace recommends that for better results to use over clean skin with minimal make up.
Many primers and Beauty Balms have silicon in their formulations which is a common ingredient, that gives very effective slip to makeup for smoother finishes and better blending but is not very good in combination with the Face Lace adhesive.
If you use a primer or BB that contains silicon it may affect the reuse of your design.
Face Lace recommends eyelash glue to enable further wear, if the adhesive begins to dry.

What do I do if the sticker gets tangled?

If one tiny section gets stuck to another you can get a toothpick, or something else thin and pointy, and pry the stuck bits apart, the laces are quite strong. If you pick the stuck bits apart slowly the laces shouldn’t break. Please refer to the drawings on the instruction sheet.

What do I do if the Face Lace won't lay flat on my skin?

You may have some tiny section stuck together, please check the flat image of the design on the website, then try to pick apart the glued section. 

What is the adhesive used on the back of the Face Lace?

The Adhesive is a hypoallergenic (latex free) medical adhesive, which has been approved for cosmetic use. Be careful not to get the Face Lace in your eye or ingest it. The Face Lace adhesive complies with REACH, and is FDA & Prop 65 approved.

How do I know the Face Lace is the genuine product?

Genuine Face Lace is not made or sold from China, it is only produced in the UK by Face Lace Limited.  Dance Wear International is an authorized stockist of genuine Face Lace. Face Lace is made and hand finished in Face Lace's London Studio and is of an exceptionally high quality to be expected when buying for high fashion engagements or highly scrutinized stage performances.